Our solution – introducing Whim

Whim, our revolutionary mobile app, liberates people from timetables, fixed routes, parking worries and the high costs of owning a car. Born out of a need to be spontaneous, it gives people access to the huge variety of transport options around us, from taxis to rental cars, public transport and bike share. A Whim subscription means true freedom of mobility without any of the headaches.

The more Whim is used, the more it learns about users’ preferences. Like a dynamic and intelligent personal assistant, it syncs with their calendar and suggests the best way to get to every event.

For transport providers, Whim is an exciting channel for demand-based promotions, such as great value rental cars or off peak taxi journeys.


How it works

Enter your destination into Whim, accept its suggestion – say a train followed by a short spin on a bike share – and off you go. You’ve already paid for your journey with your monthly mobility package. Alternatively, click on the Whim button to instantly whizz anywhere.

Each Whim package gives you a quota of mobility points, which in turn gets you journeys on any mode of transport. The more points in your package, the lower the cost per point.

Initial Whim Packages

Move on a Whim

Test out the service with zero commitment. Pay as you go to access all the different MaaS options.

Enterprise Edition

Get a fleet of the latest rental cars for employees, your chosen mileage of taxi rides for journeys in between meetings, as well as tasty food delivered straight to your office. When traveling on business, enjoy the comfort of airport lounges and use transport roaming to move around other MaaS enabled cities.

Monthly Mobility

Enjoy unlimited local public transport and bike share use, with a monthly quota of points to use freely on taxis, rental cars, long-distance trains and value-added services. Earn extra points by making smart travel choices.

Ultimate Freedom

Travel in style on any mode of transport you like, from every kind of public transport to local taxis and rental cars. Earn extra points by opting for public transport and use them on life enhancing perks like value added services or a Tesla for the weekend.