MaaS, short for Mobility as a Service, brings all means of travel together. It combines options from different transport providers into a single mobile service, removing the hassle of planning and one-off payments.

MaaS is a carefree, environmentally sound alternative to owning a car. It works out the best option for every journey – whether that’s a taxi, public transport, a car service or a bike share. From office commutes to weekend getaways, it manages daily travel in the smartest way possible.

For extra convenience, MaaS can include value added services like deliveries for groceries or restaurant meals. It allows people to go places and live their lives with more ease than ever before.

The world’s first ever MaaS solution, Whim, was launched in Helsinki Region at the end of 2016, and more areas will follow in 2017.

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Why join the MaaS Ecosystem?



Make your city more livable

  1. Reduce congestion for fresher, cleaner air
  2. Improve transport efficiency to help residents and businesses thrive
  3. Make way for urban transformation – from parking lots to parks

Transport Providers

Take transport services to the next level

  1. Bring your service to a larger audience and improve your utilization rate
  2. Use MaaS commuter data to fine tune your services and create offers based on demand and preferences
  3. Enjoy a predictable flow of income

Service Providers

Become part of people’s everyday

  1. Join the digital movement for urban convenience
  2. Reach more audiences and get more regular users
  3. Increase revenues through and extra sales channel